Ben Torkington

Recent projects

    NZ Covid Locations bot post mortem project covid twitter bot
    My wrap-up post on what I learned when making a Covid-19 Location of Interest bot on Twitter
    Morningside Weather project raspberry pi weather
    My Twitter weather bot
    Herald Syndication Snoop. project news media web
    A browser plugin to make reading the NZ Herald easier.
    Arduino Xmas Tree Lights project arduino xmas
    Custom lights for your Xmas tree with your Arduino
    Sifted project point clouds opengl
    Sifted - an ethereal short film made with point clouds
    SF2 Platinum. project gaming opengl reverse engineering
    A rewrite of the classic arcade game Street Fighter 2 in C and OpenGL.
    Gazillion project povray forced perspective 3d art homography
    Forced persepctive installation of work from Rueben Paterson at Auckland Art Gallery
    Early point clouds project point clouds opengl
    Early work on point clouds with LuckyBulldozer
    Dotswarm project opengl
    A modeler for animating point clouds used for creating Sifted
    Povray SR20 model project povray 3d
    An animatable four-stroke engine modeled off Nissan's SR20 engine