Ben Torkington

About Me

Software developer and solutions architect.

What I can do for you #

Custom software development #

I develop bespoke applications that are as unique as your business, on mobile, desktop and backend. I'm vendor agnostic, and can work with almost any platform you use.

Infrastructure #

A seasoned systems and network administrator, I can design and manage your infrastructure for maximum resilience to keep you working, and scalability to move with you as you grow.

Digital plumber #

I integrate your various systems making them work together automatically and seamlessly, freeing you from manual, error-prone processes so you can focus on what you do best.

Data wrangling #

I can help you collect, collate and store the data you need.

Specialist IT consultancy #

I can find the solutions to best help you take on new projects and grow in your industry, and I'm not afraid to tell you when technology isn't the solution.

Core skills #

Industries I've worked in #

Languages #

Technologies #

My CV and Work history

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